Current Einsamkeit Distro

So this is an up to date listing of  all or at least most of the distro releases that Ive got available, either from other labels or from my personal collection. To order, simply send an email to including what you are interested in and where you are located so i can include a shipping price.* Just as a heads up to non-US folks, packages to Canada typically start at $11 and other international start at $13. After the initial cost the shipping price goes up $0.50 for each tape after the first so I highly recommend getting more then one tape at a time*. Also all tapes are new unless posted as USED.

This listing on this page will change as items come and go. Pay no mind to the posting date of this page as I will continue to edit and update it into the future. Any questions or comments can be sent to the above listed email. Also if you are interested in trading or wholesale for distro just send me an email and we'll see if we can work something out. Thanks.